Lonely in Cape Town

I'm back in Capetown! I would be more overcome with joy if there were more people around, but sadly there are only a handful... But even if the first two days have sort of oozed past without much eventfullness, I have many plans and priorities to keep me on track. I have a maths project that needs writing, a couple of electronic projects to persue (least of which is the Coilgun, which is awaiting Part II and Part III), and a whole array of ennobling commitments like Daily Meditation and Run In The Morning to uplift my spirit and neurochemistry.

However, there is some news in that Marks Have Emerged. I got a respectable <redacted> for Physics 3021F, and a preliminary Maths 3000W mark of around <redacted>. Hooray! I will celebrate by making some vanilla coke when I get home using ordinary coke and vanilla essence... </redacted></redacted>

But to tide over the crazy cat lady who is the sole reader of this humble blog, I have published some garden path musings on evolutionary psychology... but look to Daniel Dennet and Richard Dawkins for the really eloquent thoughts on the same. Plus they have PhDs.